The footsteps that made the path

Since the BBC and the Guardian featured the Landreader, I’ve had hundreds of supportive messages and submissions of terms for the glossary from all over the UK and abroad. It has been incredibly encouraging to find so many people receptive to the ideas behind this project. While all the attention is welcome, and gratifying, seeing the project described as “One man’s quest to save lost words…”  has made me slightly uncomfortable since the path that this project has taken has been shaped and directed by many other works. Here are a few of them: Home Ground: Language for an American …

Floodgates – opened

I’ve had an amazing response since the BBC put up a short piece about the project (see it here). Scores of people have sent in words, images and example locations to add to the glossary and many more have contacted me to offer support. A huge thank you to everyone who has been in touch, I’m looking forward to sharing the project with you and I’ll do my best to get all the submissions on to the glossary as soon as possible. Dom

Uncommon Ground – book deal

I’m amazed, grateful and  delighted to be able to announce that Guardian Faber has bought the rights to publish the book I’m working on as part of the Landreader Project. The book will be called “Uncommon Ground – Journeys through the Language of Landscape” and will come out in Spring 2015. I’d like to thank Sara Montgomery and Laura Hassan at Guardian Faber for seeing the potential in the idea early on and then helping me to develop it into a fully realised proposal. The process of making this book is now a collaboration and I’m really lucky to be …

The Landreader Project: now with added Arts Council funding

I’m delighted to announce that the Arts Council have offered me a grant towards The Landreader Project through the Grants for the Arts programme. This grant will fund a large proportion of the work involved and, crucially, it will enable me to create the web-based database of landscape language that lies at the heart of the project. There’s also some big news coming about a book, but I’m holding off making that announcement until all the details are finalized. What a great start to 2014!