Uncommon Ground promo

Uncommon Ground Promo from Dominick Tyler on Vimeo. I shot some video whilst I was photographing for the book and I’ve put together a couple of short promos with the footage. Here’s the first. The beautiful music is by Sam Hooper.


I’ve already posted a washed-out phone pic of the book cover but it really doesn’t do justice to the image or the design and since we now have a fully finished version, with cover quotes and everything I wanted to show it off. Eleanor Crow at Faber has done a great job on the design. As well as making books beautiful Eleanor is an extraordinarily skilled illustrator, I knew when I saw her work that Uncommon Ground would look good, you can see why if you go here (www.eleanorcrow.com). If you click on the full-spread version below you can see …


Uncommon Ground goes to the printers at the end of the month. I’ve just had the proofs back and it’s looking absolutely beautiful. The design is clean, clear and organic. The care and attention of my editors has improved my text immeasurably, and the images, now that I can see them all in place, are flowing beautifully. The image above is of the mock up Guardian Faber produced on some lovely matt paper stock that I think is going to give the whole book a very inviting texture. It’s an exciting time, watching everything come together, but work on the …

Chasing waterfalls

This is a snippet from last week, when I spent a couple of days in Wales on a bit of a recce. I think waterfalls are going to play a major role in the Welsh section of the book and there’s lots of terminology to add to the glossary too, sorry TLC but it looks like I’m not going to be following your advice… This waterfall is Sgwd yr Eira, which is near Ystradfellte on the edge of the Breacon Beacons National Park.

Uncommon Ground – book deal

I’m amazed, grateful and  delighted to be able to announce that Guardian Faber has bought the rights to publish the book I’m working on as part of the Landreader Project. The book will be called “Uncommon Ground – Journeys through the Language of Landscape” and will come out in Spring 2015. I’d like to thank Sara Montgomery and Laura Hassan at Guardian Faber for seeing the potential in the idea early on and then helping me to develop it into a fully realised proposal. The process of making this book is now a collaboration and I’m really lucky to be …