I’ve already posted a washed-out phone pic of the book cover but it really doesn’t do justice to the image or the design and since we now have a fully finished version, with cover quotes and everything I wanted to show it off. Eleanor Crow at Faber has done a great job on the design. As well as making books beautiful Eleanor is an extraordinarily skilled illustrator, I knew when I saw her work that Uncommon Ground would look good, you can see why if you go here (

If you click on the full-spread version below you can see the whole cover it all it’s glory. You can also read the cover quotes that we received from George Monbiot, Adam Thorpe, Patrick Barkham, Owen Sheers, John Burnside and Charles Rangeley Wilson. They have all been kind enough to write very nice things about the book – I glow with intemperate pride when I read them. Praise is nice, I’m flattered and pleased by it but what’s really and deeply satisfying is that Uncommon Ground seems to have resonated with these brilliant and accomplished people and that each has responded with a recognition of the rich, joyful connections between words and the land.


The book will be out in April, but I’m already starting to get really excited about it.