Thar she blows

Let me just say that I do not advise putting your head into a spouting gloup. Gloup is a Scottish word for a blowhole, I like it better than plain blowhole but I think there might be better words for the same thing. In Ireland they are called puffer-holes apparently, which is OK, but take it from me that thing is not puffing. They are sometimes called sea-jets which captures the force but is still a bit to prosaic for me. Gloup has more onomatopoeic poetry but I think it works better with the swirling, gurgling kind of blowhole than …

Stara Woods

This is one of my favourite places and has been since I was a small child. I’m really pleased that it’s being so well looked after and managed as a community woodland so that many more small children will get to play and learn here. I made this short clip to try to say something about why I’m doing this project and how that connects to my rural childhood and the places I knew when I was little. I’m not sure this articulates it very well but it’s a start.

Video: Dartmoor

Video is going to be a steep learning curve. I take back every criticism I yelled at any TV presenter. It turns out that talking sense to a camera is preternaturally difficult. I need to shoot a ton more B-roll so that when I forget how to speak I can cut to a picture of a rock or something… And when did I suddenly start looking so much like my dad?